Valuation is a surveying skill. The basis of valuation may vary according to the purpose for which a valuation is required, which in turn, is affected by the requirements of other institutions such as Banks and Building Societies. When selecting a survey or valuation to suit your needs you are strongly advised to discuss all options with our Survey Department first. We will be happy to explain the reports to you in detail but in summary the different types are as follows.

This is a basic report primarily for your lenders use but you may still recieve a copy if your lender chooses. It is as much less expensive and less detailed scheme than the other shemes explained below and only provides a very basic overview of problems and defects.
This report is more detailed but less comprehensive than a structural survey. The valuer advises whether or not the price agreed for the house is realistic, taking into account it's repair and the property market in general. With prior agreement with your lender, a summary can be used for mortgage assessment. The inspection covers all those parts of the property that are readily accessible or visible. Any major or suspected defects in areas which cannot be inspected will be listed with recommendations for any further investigations or suggested courses of action.
This report is based on a very thorough examination of all visable parts of the property, again depending on accessibility, and provides acomprehensive reoprt on the condition of the property describing in detail any structural or other defects. A valuation is not normally included. However, if you choose this type of report then it may be possible for the structural survey report to be combined with a report and valuation for mortgage assessment.